Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss that is significant enough to interfere with daily life. Dementia affects many individuals, and Alzheimer's accounts for about 75 percent of all dementia cases. Dr. Peter Nakaji, a world-renowned brain surgeon, provides Alzheimer's treatments at his Phoenix, AZ, office. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or is suffering from progressively worsening memory loss, Dr. Nakaji can utilize the most advanced treatment methods currently available to allow for a more normal life.

Alzheimer's and the Brain

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons (nerve cells), which communicate with one another to perform essential functions such as thinking, learning, and recalling memories. These neurons constantly send and receive messages, generate energy, and eliminate waste.

Certain abnormal structural changes associated with neurons are thought to be the main cause of Alzheimer's:

Plaques: Plaques are deposits of a protein fragment called beta-amyloid that build up in the spaces between nerve cells, inhibiting normal cerebral function. 

Neurofibrillary Tangles: These are twisted fibers of a protein called tau that build up and form tangles inside cells, damaging neurons' ability to communicate with each other.

You and your loved one do not need to live in fear or anxiety: we can help you establish a more normal lifestyle through effective treatment and expert guidance.

These plaques and tangles in Alzheimer's patients' brains function like road blocks without detours, permanently preventing important information from reaching its destination. Healthy cells that are blocked by tangles and plaques end up dying off, and this cell death leads to memory loss, personality changes, and problems carrying out daily activities. 

Image of Alzheimer's patient brain

A variety of structural changes in the brain are associated with Alzheimer's disease.

The Ten Warning Signs

Although memory loss may be the most well-known symptom of Alzheimer's, there are actually ten warning signs:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life 

  • Confusion about time or place 

  • Difficulty planning and problem solving

  • Difficulty completing daily tasks

  • Vision changes

  • Frustration when trying to speak

  • Misplacing things

  • Lapses in judgment

  • Changes in social behavior

  • Mood changes

Early Detection Can Significantly Reduce Symptoms

Dr. Nakaji understands the effects that Alzheimer's disease can have on both the patient and their loved ones. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer's, you can reduce the severity of symptoms by noticing the signs and intervening early.

The longer that Alzheimer's goes unnoticed, the more severe and difficult to treat symptoms become. By addressing symptoms early, you can help your loved one enjoy a greater level of independence and a more normal life.

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Dr. Nakaji is among the top brain surgeons in the world, and he has helped countless patients through their journey with Alzheimer's disease. You and your loved one do not need to live in fear or anxiety: we can help you establish a more normal lifestyle through effective treatment and expert guidance. If you or your loved one has experienced memory loss or other signs of Alzheimer's, it is imperative that you contact Dr. Nakaji to receive the most cutting-edge treatment for your condition.

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