Cerebral Artery Bypass Surgery Can Help Prevent Future Strokes

Network of pink linesCerebral artery bypass surgery is performed to restore proper blood flow to the brain for patients who have experienced a stroke, Moyamoya Disease, or another type of cerebrovascular disease. The purpose of the surgery is to connect blood vessels from outside the brain to vessels within the brain in order to restore proper and healthy blood flow to damaged arteries. Dr. Pater Nakaji is a leader in advanced neurosurgery and can perform cerebral artery bypass surgery at his Phoenix, AZ, office. Though the surgery carries a substantial amount of risk, Dr. Nakaji's training, skills, and experience decrease risk dramatically.

What Is Cerebral Artery Bypass Surgery?

The human vascular system is made up of thousands of veins and arteries that transport blood throughout the body and deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles and tissues. There are four major arteries in the brain that maintain proper function: the left and right carotid arteries and the left and right vertebral arteries. When these arteries become blocked, the brain is susceptible to cerebrovascular disease such as transient ischemic attacks and stroke. Dr. Nakaji will use either a vessel graft, which is simply a portion of a healthy artery or vein harvested from another area of your body, or a donor artery to create a new pathway for blood to travel into the brain. 

The Procedure

Dr. Nakaji commonly performs STA-MCA (superficial temporal artery to middle cerebral artery) bypass. The term refers to the connection of the superficial temporal artery (artery supplying blood to the face and scalp) to the middle cerebral artery (artery supplying blood to the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain). 

Once you are prepared for surgery, Dr. Nakaji will have you lie on your back on the operating table. You will be guided into the operatory and given anesthesia. After you are asleep, Dr. Nakaji will position your head in a skull-fixation device that holds your head steady throughout the procedure. The hair around the treatment area will be shaved and the skin coated with an antiseptic liquid. Dr. Nakaji will then carefully make an incision on the scalp along the superficial temporal artery (STA). Once the STA is exposed, Dr. Nakaji will remove a portion of it to be used in connection with the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Dr. Nakaji will perform a craniotomy to allow the STA access into the brain. Dr. Nakaji will then use a microscope to find a good connecting point between the STA and MCA, use special clips to temporarily stop blood flow, suture the blood vessels together, and release the clips to verify normal blood flow. After Dr. Nakaji confirms healthy blood flow, he will close the craniotomy and dress the incision.

Cerebral artery bypass surgery is performed to restore proper blood flow to the brain for patients who have experienced a stroke or another type of cerebrovascular disease.

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Cerebral artery bypass surgery can help stroke victims live a more normal life with a lessened chance of experiencing another cerebrovascular disease or accident. Dr. Nakaji is a national leader in neurosurgery and can perform this procedure with a high success rate. Contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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