Advanced Craniotomy Surgery for AVM and Tumors

the human skull

Dr. Peter Nakaji performs craniotomy surgery to treat AVM (arteriovenous malformation) and brain tumors. This state-of-the-art procedure involves removing a small section of the skull to access the brain. Using precise surgical instruments, Dr. Nakaji can remove the tumor or abnormal blood vessels with minimal impact to the surrounding tissues. Dr. Nakaji will create the smallest openings possible to protect your health, expedite healing, and leave minimal scarring. To learn more about craniotomy surgery, contact our Phoenix practice today.

What Is a Craniotomy?

During a craniotomy, Dr. Nakaji removes a bone flap from the skull. The exact shape and location of the flap will depend on the patient’s condition. Dr. Nakaji will only remove the amount of bone needed to provide adequate access to the tumors and irregular blood vessels. Thanks to our advanced imaging technology and Dr. Nakaji’s expertise, he can perform this procedure with minimal impact to your surrounding tissues. When the surgery is complete, he will replace the bone flap. He will typically use metal plates or screws to secure the bone in place.

After a craniotomy, patients must spend some time in the hospital. The duration of a patient’s stay will depend on the extent of the procedure, and could last anywhere from several days to several weeks. Throughout recovery, Dr. Nakaji monitors his patients’ progress to ensure their safety and long-term health.

Candidates for Treatment

Dr. Nakaji most frequently performs craniotomies to treat brain tumors and AVM. Brain AVM is an irregular web of blood vessels. During a craniotomy, Dr. Nakaji can remove the AVM without affecting the surrounding brain tissue. Craniotomy is often the best way to remove skull base tumors. The base of the skull contains a complicated web of blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, Dr. Nakaji must work precisely to preserve the patient’s health and neurological function. Dr. Nakaji is a renowned neurosurgeon using the most advanced techniques and technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. 

Dr. Nakaji may also elect to use a craniotomy to treat aneurysms, fractures, and other skull injuries. Before recommending treatment, he will perform a complete examination to assess the patient’s needs. CT scans, MRIs, and other tests can reveal unusual growths and other abnormalities. He will always recommend the most conservative treatment possible to fully address the patient's needs.

Benefits of a Craniotomy

A craniotomy can make a tremendous difference in a patient's life. In some cases, a craniotomy can save a patient’s life. Without treatment, an AVM can hemorrhage, causing temporary or permanent brain damage. Brain tumors can also affect neurological functions, such as sight, smell, hearing, speech, and memory. Thanks to advanced techniques and the very latest technology, craniotomy surgery is very safe and highly effective.

Learn More about Our Advanced Treatments

If you are suffering from a serious brain condition, you deserve the most advanced care available. Dr. Nakaji has helped many patients to overcome brain tumors and other complications using the most sophisticated solutions. Contact our office today to learn more about how you or a loved one can benefit from craniotomy surgery.

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