Conservative, Precise Laser Thermal Ablation Surgery

Illustration of human brain showing firing synapsesDuring laser ablation, a laser probe is inserted through a small opening in the skull, and is used to precisely target abnormal growths within the brain.

Dr. Peter Nakaji specializes in minimally invasive brain surgery techniques, including laser thermal ablation surgery. This service is available to our patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding communities at the Barrow Neurological Institute. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Laser Ablation: The Procedure

The laser is an excellent treatment option for a range of conditions. During laser ablation surgery, Dr. Nakaji uses imaging software to identify the lesion area and determine the best way to access it. After a tiny incision is made, a small laser probe is inserted into the brain to reach the targeted treatment area. A bone anchor is affixed to the skull, which holds the probe securely in place after it has been inserted.

Once the laser probe has been fully inserted, Dr. Nakaji will use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to create a detailed map of the brain. Dr. Nakaji monitors this image, which includes heat mapping of the brain tissue, to guide the laser probe and administer treatment to the lesion. The light at the end of the probe delivers heat, and can destroy diseased cells and tumorous growths. Dr. Nakaji closely monitors the temperature during the procedure using MRI, to achieve a safe, effective surgical outcome.

The Many Benefits of Laser Thermal Ablation

Used in combination with MRI imaging, laser thermal ablation is extremely precise, accurate, and minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The laser has advantages for a wide variety of conditions. The laser ablation technique:

  • Often requires only a single-day stay in the hospital following surgery.
  • Targets specific areas within the brain, to a degree not always possible using radiation therapy.
  • Requires a very small opening in the skull, in contrast with the skull flap required in a traditional craniotomy.
  • Is nearly painless during and after the procedure.
  • Can access tissue that cannot be easily accessed with standard craniotomies. This is possible because the laser probe can reach further within the brain without disturbing surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Can be repeated several times without the damaging effects that traditional radiation treatments can have on healthy tissue.
  • Produces a biopsy which can guide further treatment.

Patient outcomes and benefits are further enhanced by Dr. Nakaji's individualized approach to treatment, which begins with an in-depth consultation at our practice. 

Learn More about Laser Ablation Surgery

As a trusted pioneer and leader in the field of minimally invasive brain surgery, Dr. Nakaji treats patients from around the world who suffer from complex and rare brain conditions. For more information on laser thermal ablation, or to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, contact us today.

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